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GloexPack is one of the business units of Gloex, provides complete solution of premade pouch packaging, we launched linear, rotary and horizontal type of main machines, from single station to 9 stations, speed covers from around 5 to 120 bags/min, pouch covers types of flat pouch, gusset pouch, or stand-up pouch, with or without zipper. Either you are standing at business starting, or business expanding, GloexPack has the right solution for you.

Gloex is a concentrative provider of Packaging and Processing Machine, Integrated Packaging Systems and Supply Chain Service for a variety of industries, like food, beverage, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, and other diverse companies. Through its affiliates, we manufacture rugged and economical packaging machines and processing equipments, in the field of Pouch Packing Machines, Stick&Sachet Multi-Lane Packaging Machines, Canning Lines, and End of Line.


Globally, Exchange Intelligence, Explore Opportunities, Expand Potential

No matter project is too small or too large, our experienced staff looks forward to learning the details of a project and developing a packaging solution that is unique to the application.

Gloex doesn’t just sell equipment. We are a very customer-centric company. From our sales staff to our engineers, providing superior service and building relationships is always a top priority.

Gloex is an expression of our proud heritage and our operating philosophy. You can break it down to two parts into see what we mean:

Glo, refers to our global philosophy, we serve our customers globally.

Ex, stands for, together with our customers, Exchange Intelligence, Explore Opportunities Expand Potential.



Manufacturer Meets Every Need

Even the bags looks similar, but from the packing machine manufacturer’s points of view, there should be a machine design perfectly fit the one type of bag, we will recommend the packing machine based on the exactly bag designs.

The products for packing can be divided into 3 main parts–powder, liquid and granular, different products have their own characteristics, which are the key factors for the dosing system configuration.

The packing system we offered will be the personal customized one, thoroughly fit your real production needs.

Affordable Machine fits your budgets

No matter for a new start-up business, or for expanding business, we will focus on your packing requests first, and offer the suitable machines to fit your budgets. We have several options for the same machine series, with different speeds, at different craftsmanship levels. 

We aim to satisfy customers with the best machine within their budgets. We have accompanied some customers to go from having the first machine to replace manual packaging, to having an entire packing line, to having a big factory.


Sourcing, producing and Integration

Our engineers are experts in customizing full line equipments for maximum performance, versatility, and efficiency.
With turnkey solutions, we will arrange to design, execute and implement the perfect workflow or integrate with your existing upstream or downstream equipments, the packing process will be a harmonious link of the full production line.


Probably, you are standing at the following scenarios or have other special requirements, GloexPack is always willing to advise you with options.


Probably, you are standing at the follow scenarios or have other special reqirements, GloexPack is always willing to advise you with options

Learn your Packing Inquiry

  • Packing product
  • Product feature
  • Packing form, in bag or cans
  • Packing dimension, bag size or can dimension
  • Expected speed

Share videos of previous projects

  • General learning on the machine overview
  • Real filling on the machine running  
  • Different machine models for options

Standard quotation

  • Budgetary price range
  • Product profile
  • Standard technical configuration
  • Standard layouts

Customer reviews for previous projects

  • Customer direct feeling at the first sight of the machine
  • Customer real feedback on machine running
  • Customer comments on the service


During the further communication, we are better learning on customer’s inquiry, will select the suitable machine model with the appropriate technical route.

Based on the factory space and ceiling height, we will arrange the machine position and direction well to fit the room space.

If the room space limited, discussing with our Engineer to find another road, at the same time, have a balance between the customization and the budget.

Every investment has a budget, as a solution provider, machine manufacture, we are willing to offer the best and most suitable proposal, but if there is a conflict with the budget, we will see how distance between it, will optimize the proposal benefit maximization within the budget.

Integrated line

To develop a product which sparks from an idea, to realize in the market, GloexPack is honored to help you from process, premilitary pouch packing, secondary packaging up to ware housing.

Design with advanced control system with SCADA, IoT labeling, and connect to your WMS, ERP , will enhance your competency in the market.


No matter you request a training, maintenance guidance, trouble shooting, spare parts, or other custom service, GloexPack is always online to serve your request , let us share what our customer saying

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