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Know Before Ordering Packing Machine

If you are starting a new business and worried about the complicated manual packing process, our machine will make your packaging easier and beautiful.

If you are under heavey load or much uncertian factors of the labors, our machine will bring huge cost effectives and make your packaging stable performance.

If want to scale your output, our high speed packing line will surprise you.

We will provide the most suitable pre-made bag packaging machine and solution according to your demands and business stage.

If you have a background, or experience in packing machines, you could select the machines according to your real packing demands.

Or we could recommand the suitable machines based on your needs, like following:

1. Your product & filling range
It’s related with the dosing configurations of the machine by analyzing the physical features and even chemical properties of your products.
2. Your target speed
It determines the host packing machine series
3. Your bag format & size range
It determines the specific model of the host packing machine and series.


We could recommend the roughly bag size range based on our previous projects for your reference.

Or we will send you the bag size range which is compatible with our machine, to take a reference to decide the bag size.

In short, the more information, the better.

We understand you, but trust is the basis of any business, especially cross-border.

We could share with you some wildly recognized certificates, like CE certificates, factory pictures, and videos, our previous project documents, customer contacts, etc.

If we have typical projects near you, you could even have a field visit to see the machine.

  • Standard production time is 45 working days.
  • The actual delivery time needs to be verified according to the production schedule of the factory and the actual project background, such as whether it is a special customized or a full production line, etc.
  • Urgent Order Arrangement: Every month, we have 1 chance for urgent order coordination. But to ensure the production smoothly, we suggest leaving as much time as possible for the delivery.

Our quotation belongs to EXW. And you could also choose FOB, CIF or FCA through negotiation.

It’s flexible to ship by sea, air, or railway,

Different modes of transport have their own advantages, Please slect the suitable one based on your needs.

  • By Sea

Shipment by sea will be the cheapest way, but it takes a long time. Normally, it is about 30 days after departure. 
Headquartered in Wuhan, we have branches and warehouses in Wenzhou, Guangzhou and Foshan. According to the model of the machine, we will suggest the nearest loading port to the customer, such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Ningbo and Shanghai ports.

  • By Rail

Rail transportation is for countries along the China-Europe Express, such as Russia, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Poland and so on. For countries along the railway, it is faster than sea transportation. It usually takes about 15 days.

  • By Air

It’s the fastest way. But the cost wll be much higher.
What’s more, there are some typical requirements of the shipment items. Our touch screen belongs to Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and cannot be shipped by air. It Will be sent by Express separately.

According to your requirements, the relevant machine size and other actual conditions, we will provide you with transportation advice.

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