SC001-Successful Liquid Pre made Pouch Packaging Machine

Project Profile:

  1. Project No. : CSF916
  2. Country: Philippines
  3. Project Introduction: Rotary Type Pre made Pouch Packaging System
  4. Material: Detergent
  5. Machine Name: Rotary Type Pre made Pouch Packaging Machine+Servo Pump Dosing System


Rotary Premade Pouch Packing Machine

  • 4 bag sizes for change over
  • Water wash design
  • Double filling heads to speed up
  • Configured collecting tray between the two filling stations to collect the product dropping
  • Apply sealant between the electronic box basement and the pillar
  • Configured a groove around the machine to collect the cleaning water
  • Configured self-cleaning program

Servo Driven Pump

  • Able to adjust the filling volume by PLC
  • Product contacting part made by SS316
  • Configured stirring device
Servo pump overview


High-strength and high-precision frame

 vacuum pump system

Collecting tray



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