Common Technical Questions

Techniques on Linear Bag Packing Machine

  • Apply for powder packaging:
    1. Avoid dust to pollute bag mouth, ensure a good sealing effect
    2. Anti dust function
  • Apply for liquid packaging :
    1. Do not pollute bag mouth
    2. Avoid pump impact force is too large, liquid spatter, affect sealing effect
  • Apply for vacuum nitrogen filling, forming a good close environment

Why need this side-gusset bag device?

Because your gusset bag needs Side Gusset Pouch Device, which can:

  1. Apply for side gusset pouch without pre-welded gusset
  2. Completely open the gusset to utilize the filling capacity
  3. Re-gusset before sealing

If not, wrong sealing may appear

Wrong Sealing

What’s the requirement for the zipper opening?

For the zipper pouch, it shall meet the following requirement:

  1. The distance from the top edge to the zipper ≥25mm.
  2. The pouch width ≥130mm
  3. The pouch length ≥160mm

If the bag doesn't meet the size requirements of zipper bag, how to solve it?

  1. Before packing, the worker opens the zipper manually.
  2. Ask the bag manufacturer not closing the zipper in factory
  3. Use the outside zipper/front side zipper, instead of the normal inner zipper
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