Case-Rotary Bag Pack machine with Two Dosing System

Rotary bag packing machine with powder tablets dosing system

Project Profile

  1. Project NO. : CSF798
  2. Country: The United Kingdom
  3. Product:
           Powder: 25~1000g
           Tablets: 30~500 tablets
  4. Packing Speed: 25~35 bags/min
  5. Packing Machine Series: PP109 - Mechanical Type Rotary Premade Pouch Packing Machine
  6. Configuration:
    1) Packing Machine: Mechanical rotary bag packing machine
    2) Dosing machines: Auger filler + Tablets counting machine
    3) Others: Horizontal Screw+Bowl Type Elevator+Dynamic Check Weigher+Turning Table+Dust Vacuum Collection Machine
  7. Packaging Format: Stand-up Bag with Zipper

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