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Case-Rotary Bagging machine with Two Dosing Systems

Rotary bag packing machine with powder tablets dosing system

Project Profile

  1. Project NO. : GPG011
  2. Country: The United Kingdom
  3. Product:
           Powder: 25~1000g
           Tablets: 30~500 tablets
  4. Packing Speed: 25~35 bags/min
  5. Packing Machine Series: PP109 - Mechanical Type Rotary Premade Pouch Packing Machine
  6. Configuration:
    1) Packing Machine: Mechanical rotary bag packing machine
    2) Dosing machines: Auger filler + Tablets counting machine
    3) Others: Horizontal Screw+Bowl Type Elevator+Dynamic Check Weigher+Turning Table+Dust Vacuum Collection Machine
  7. Packaging Format: Stand-up Bag with Zipper

Rotary bag packaging system show for powder tablets packaging
Rotary bag packaging system show-2
Rotary bag packaging system show-2

This project is with a UK contract manufacturer in the healthcare industry.

They are committed to the production and packaging of various types of human or pet health care capsules, tablets, supplement powder and other products.

Based on the diversification of products, we provide them with this customized solution -
a rotary packaging machine with two different metering systems.

Two metering systems are used for tablets/capsules counting packaging and supplement powder packaging.


Packaging Processes

Testing Videos Show

Powder bag packaging processes
( the dust collection machine doesn't work)
Capsules/tablets counting filling
Bag packaging processes



For rotary premade bag packing machine

  1. Two filling systems--Customized two filling stations, no need to move machines for change dosing machines
Customized filling stations for premade bag packing machine

2. Synchronous bag width adjustment device, flexible bag size changeover in 5 minutes

Synchronous bag width adjustment device, manually adjust

3. Dust remover on the seal area, clean the dust for a tight sealing effect, especially for powder filling

Dust remover on the seal area of rotary bag packing machine

4. Auto lubrication system, easy daily maintenance

Auto lubrication system of rotary bag packing machine

5. Upgraded controlling system for remote debugging

6. Configured with cover glass, safety door interlock


For tablets/pills/capsules counting packaging

  • Photoelectric counting and filling machine, anti-dust sensor technology, anti-disturbance control system
  • Anti-fragile design in the bowl-type elevator, for fragile pills
Photoelectric tablets counting machine
Dust collection of counting machine

For powder filling packaging

Auger Filler Integrated with Horizontal Screw for powder metering
  • Auger Filler Integrated with Horizontal Screw
    Detachable horizontal screw, will connect with the production machine/bin, to avoid rapid or large amounts of loading so that the powder density in the hopper is uneven, affecting the filling accuracy
Upgraded dust collection machine
  • Dust vacuum collection machine, upgraded machine, lower noises, more efficient, one-key type vibration cleaning

System Layout

Customization of rotary bag packaing machine system

If you want to know more details and get your tailored solution, please contact us.

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