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Frozen Fruit Packaging Solutions

Frozen fruit packaging solutions

Packaging frozen fruit requires careful consideration, as the format varies depending on the fruit type and its intended use. While some fruits are best suited for bags, others may be more suitable for boxes or cans. This article presents a packaging solution specifically designed for frozen fruit, focusing on the convenience and practicality of premade bags.

frozen fruit

What machine is suitable for packaging frozen fruits?

Our rotary premade pouch packing machines offer the advantages of reliable operation, 5-minute bag size changes, easy maintenance, and suit for complex packaging solutions. Therefore, our rotary packaging machine is suitable for packaging frozen fruits.

Frozen fruit packaging successful case display

We have experienced success in packaging frozen fruits utilizing our rotary packaging machine. Next, we'll showcase a typical case highlighting the effectiveness and efficiency of our packaging solution.

Project Profile:

  • Project Code: CSD704
  • Project Location: Serbia
  • Packing Product: Frozen fruit
  • Pouch Type: Zipper Stand up pouch and PE flat pouch
  • Packing Unit: Rotary type pouch packing machine + multi-head weigher + bowl elevator + platform
Rotary type pouch packing machine + multi-head weigher + bowl elevator + platform


  • Low height system design by bowl elevator
  • Load PE flat bag and zipper bag by a customized Horizontal bag loading machine
  • Product is fragile, Configured with anti-fragile device
  • Configured with pouch bottom opening device
  • Configured with Auto Lubrication system

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