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Cheese packaging solution main picture

Cheese packaging project background

As people's pursuit of gourmet food and expectations for high-quality life continue to increase, cheese has become one of the most beloved delicacies. Its rich taste and unique flavor make it the choice of many food lovers.

Cheese is a dairy product rich in protein and calcium and is widely used in various cuisines. In order to meet people's demand for cheese, we conducted some market research to explore common packaging forms of cheese and packaging solutions suitable for the characteristics of cheese.

Based on the characteristics of cheese, we pay special attention to packaging solutions in the form of bags.

Cubes of cheese bag packing machine solution

When it comes to bagging, we recommend using pre-made bag packing process.The considerations in this solution encompass the following key points:

1.Avoid oxidation:

The fats in cheese are susceptible to oxidation when exposed to oxygen. To preserve freshness and extend shelf life, our packaging machine is equipped with a vacuum device and nitrogen flush technology.

2.Prevent the stickiness of materials from affecting packing:

1) During the feeding process:

Configuring the belt feeding conveyor to transfer sticky products from the hopper to the loading conveyor.

2)During the measurement process:

Cheese is measured in frozen state, which is easy to be affected by the packaging environment then sticking to the weigher, affected the dosing accuracy finally.

Constructed with Teflon cover and patterned plate structure, our weigher ensures accurate measurements without adherence issues.

3)During the packaging process:

Configured with a vibrating plate, vibrating the bag during filling, avoid the cheese from sticking together during the material filling in bag process, to help filling smoothly.

3.Easy and quick cleaning

Our loading machine is equipped with holes and water collection trays, make it easier for cleaning process.

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CSF635 Project Profile

For a more comprehensive understanding of our packaging solution, please refer to the detailed demonstration in the following video

We can also provide you with vertical packaging machine solutions.

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