FAQS about Bag Loading and Bag Magazine


The height of the magazine is about 200mm.
1) the thickness of bag not more than 0.6mm
2) but if with a closed zipper , shall consider the thickness of zipper , generally , the thickness around 2mm
3) There are some gap between the bags, let us see 1mm.
Therefore , if for zipper bag , the magazine can hold about 70pcs bag = 200/3
The height of the magazine is about 200mm
so it should hold about 300 bags.
We don’t suggest to make it 500-600mm, because:
1. If the height of the feeder is too high, it will be difficulty to make the bag in order in the magazine.
2. The bottom of the bag magazine(feeder) is hollow, look the picture below; if put too many bags, the bag will be eady to fall, which will effect the bag picking up.
The bottom of the bag magazine(feeder) is hollow
Add a small conveyor feeding is a good idea , we got this idea from other customer as well , thanks a lot.
But you know , this type of machine , we designed for business starting , which not run at high speed , we more consider :
1) The flexible adaption of the types of bag, like can run with side gusset bag
2) Simple operation and maintenace , like , almost don’t have mechanical driven , all driven by penumatic processes . so very easy to operate , not need any lubrication …
3) Affortable price
Practically, if need to put more bags on feeding process , your idea is good , but will increase the price of the system , thus we didn’t research that , instead of , this solution we applied for other premade pouch packaging machine, which with horizontal conveyor type bag feeding process, this system will be faster , and whole cost will be also higher
the difference between Horizontal Bag loading Conveyor and bag magazine
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