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After-sale Services

  1. Online Service
    We offer the 24-hour online Q&A service, with the following channels,
    Email: According to your description, we will sort out the relevant information and send it to your email.
    Instant chatting: By whatsapp, wechat or other ways, we will have instant communication to solve problems efficiently.
    Online meeting: For some intractable problems, we suggest arranging an online meeting. And our engineer will participate in the meeting to discover and solve the problems.

  2. On-site Service
    The engineer can provide on-site service, and the daily cost and transportation cost are agreed by both parties.
    But due to Covid-19, it is difficult to dispatch engineers for on-site service. Therefore, online meetings play a more important role in after-sales service.
    If local service is required, we will check with the local agent and entrust them to do the service.

Yes, we could arrange the Engineers to do on-site service, But affected by Covid-19, the government has a strict policy for overseas trips, therefore, we have following measures to make your installation easier.

  1. Complete documents support, including the manual book, guiding videos and pictures, etc.
  2. Abundant labels marked on the machine, easy for wires connection
  3. Technicians are always on stand-by, we could support by online meeting to solve some particular problems.
  1. We will send some spare parts together with the machine.
  2. If the spare parts are used up, we could offer them as costed price, shipping by express, or for some components with famous brands, like cylinder, you could find in your local market easily.
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