High-Speed Doypack Packing Machine

Do you have many doypacks or flat bags of different sizes? 

Do you need a bag packing machine with easy operation?

Are you looking for a packaging machine that can fill and seal quickly?

Let's know the operation about our high-speed doypack packing machine-Rotary bag packing machine.

This machine is definitely the great choice for customers, who have stand-up bag with various different bag sizes, like contract packaging manufacturers.

High-speed Packaging

There are two categories:

The standard models of rotary bag packing machine series have a speed of 20~40 bags/min. And they could 

Does this speed meet your productivity?
This speed is for 1 bag/cycle.

If you need a higher speed, we have models with 2 bags/cycle, which is suitable for the packaging of small sizes.

Please inquiry us to know more about these models.

Fast and Easy Bag Size Changeover

There are some processes for bag size changeover:

1. Bag magazine adjusting

Bag magazine adjustment of doypack packing machine

2. Bag width changeover

With synchronous bag width adjustment device, 5 mins operation.

3.Bag opening adjustment

If the difference in bag width is large, it is necessary to adjust the opening degree of the bag opening

4.Optional adjustments
1) Location of printer

2) Height of vibrating supporter

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