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Your Personalized Premade Pouch Packing Machine

GloexPack is one of the subsidiaries of Gloex, which aims to pre-made bag packing machines and auxiliary configurations, covering food, pharmaceuticals, beverage, cosmetics, daily chemical, and other industries, with more than 15-year experience in the packaging machine manufacturing.

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various bag packing machines for doypack, gusset bag, zipper bag, flat bag, spout bag

Typical Pre-made Pouch Packing Machine

GloexPack has three typical pre-made bag packing machines. Every machine has its own unique characteristics to meet different packing situations.

Affordable bag packing machine with great compatibility of bag formats

  • Speed: 5~10 bags/min
  • Working stations: Single or double stations meet different speed requirements
  • Bag compatibility: 10 mins bag formats changeover
  • Features: Small footprint;  Easy maintenance, Friendly to set-up business


Cost-effective bag packing machine

  • Speed: 6~18 bags/min
  • Working stations: 4-station design to finish more complex packaging processes than that of model 116 can do
  • Bag compatibility: For quad bag or gusset bag, one machine for one bag type

The easiest packaging machine to operate

  • Speed: 20~40 bags/min
  • Working stations: 8-station design to meet complex packaging requirements
  • Bag compatibility: Great compatibility of bag sizes, bag size changeover within 5 mins
  • Features: Mechanically driven bag clamps, stable heavy bag packing; Centralized self-lubricating system


High-speed bag packing machine

  • Speed: 40~90 bags/min
  • Working stations: Up to 9 stations enable complex and flexible packing process
  • Bag Compatibility: Good compatibility of bag formats
  • Features: Twice filling for faster filling speed or multiple product filling; Hot sealing & cold sealing, twice sealing for tight sealing

Packaging Systems Display

Applicable Pouch Formats

Gusset bags are a special bag type.

In addition to single-station machines(Model 116) that can be compatible, other machine series require specialized machines to complete its packaging individually.

 Flat bagStand-up bagQuad sealed bagGusset bag
Model 116
Model 173
Model 146
Model 109

Typical Packaging Machine Configuration 

With a professional engineering team, GloexPack will offer the customized dosing system to fit your products features.

For Powder Packaging

The Auger Filler(screw auger) is used for powder dosing, by volume measurement.

Typical liquid products, for bag packaging machine application

For free-flow powder

  1. Grid: To adjust the speed and frequency of powder agitating.
  2. Pneumatic driving damper: To prevent powder self-flowing.

For Poor-flow powder

Forcing screw auger: To ensure filling speed through pressure.

For dusty powder

  1. Pre-sealing jaws:Anit-dust device for filling, to prevent product contamination of sealed areas during filling.
  2. Dust collection device:On Filling Hopper, to collect the dust during filling.
Typical granular products, for bag packaging machine application
  • Vacuuming & Nitrogen flushing device:
    To keep products fresh and anti-fragile during transportation.

Based on the liquid features, different pumps could be choosen for filling.

Like piston pump, peristaltic pump, etc.

Typical liquid products, for bag packaging machine application
  • CIP system:
    1. Automatic cleaning for the dosing system.
    2. Integrate the CIP program on PLC
  • Drip collection pan:
    Receiving the liquid drop, to keep sealing jaw clean.
  • Air exhausting device for liquid:
    Decrease the air in bags, to ensure the beautiful bag shape.

Auxiliary Equipments of Packaging Machine System

To meet the packaging requirements of different industries or customers, we also have some auxiliary equipments to further improve the production line.

For example,
Metal detection macine, is widely used in the food industry to ensure food safety;
Weight checking machine, is to ensure output product quality.

Contact us to know more equipments.

Automatic packaging machines will reduce your labor costs and increase production capacity.

If you would like to optimize your packaging line, don’t hesitate to chat with us about your product.

We are happy to provide you with tailor-made packaging solutions for free.

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