Your Personalized Pre-made Pouch Packing Machine

GloexPack is one of the subsidiaries of Gloex, which aims to pe-made bag packing machines and auxiliary configurations, covering food, pharmaceuticals, beverage, cosmetics, daily chemical, and other industries, with more than 15-year experience in the packaging field.

Typical Pre-made Pouch Packing Machine

GloexPack has three typical pre-made bag packing machines. Every machine has its own unique characteristics to meet different packing situations.

Applicable Pouch Formats

Gusset bags are a special bag type.

In addition to single-station machines(Model 116) that can be compatible, other machine series require specialized machines to complete its packaging individually.

 Flat bagStand-up bagQuad sealed bagGusset bag
Model 116
Model 173
Model 146
Model 109

Affordable bag packing machine with great compatibility of bag formats

  • Speed: 5~10 bags/min
  • Working stations: Single or double stations meet different speed requirements
  • Bag compatibility: 10 mins bag formats changeover
  • Features: Small footprint;  Easy maintenance, Friendly to set-up business


Cost-effective bag packing machine

  • Speed: 6~18 bags/min
  • Working stations: 4-station design to finish more complex packaging processes than that of model 116 can do
  • Bag compatibility: For quad bag or gusset bag, one machine for one bag type

High-speed bag packing machine

  • Speed: 40~90 bags/min
  • Working stations: Up to 9 stations enable complex and flexible packing process
  • Bag Compatibility: Good compatibility of bag formats
  • Features: Twice filling for faster filling speed or multiple product filling; Hot sealing & cold sealing, twice sealing for tight sealing

The easiest packaging machine to operate

  • Speed: 20~40 bags/min
  • Working stations: 8-station design to meet complex packaging requirements
  • Bag compatibility: Great compatibility of bag sizes, bag size changeover within 5 mins
  • Features: Mechanically driven bag clamps, stable heavy bag packing; Centralized self-lubricating system


Typical Configuration of Product Feastures

With a professional engineering team, GloexPack will offer the customized dosing system to fit your products features.

For Powder

The standard configuration is screw auger.

For free-flow powder

  1. Grid: To adjust the speed and frequency of powder agitating.
  2. Pneumatic driving damper: To prevent powder self-flowing.

For Poor-flow powder

Forcing screw auger: To ensure filling speed through pressure.

For dusty powder

  1. Pre-sealing jaws:Anit-dust device for filling, to prevent product contamination of sealed areas during filling.
  2. Dust collection device:On Filling Hopper, to collect the dust during filling.

For Granules

  • Vacuuming & Nitrogen flushing device:
    To keep products fresh and anti-fragile during transportation.

For Liquid

  • CIP system:
    1. Automatic cleaning for the dosing system.
    2. Integrate the CIP program on PLC
  • Drip collection pan:
    Receiving the liquid drop, to keep sealing jaw clean.
  • Air exhausting device for liquid:
    Decrease the air in bags, to ensure the beautiful bag shape.

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