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Pet Food Packing Machine Solution

Nowadays, for us, pets are no longer creatures for fun, but more of partners and family members who accompany us to live and grow together, and are an indispensable part of our family.

So people will want their families to get better food.

Pet Food Categories

The pet food industry has grown tremendously.
Pet food includes three categories: staple food, snacks, and health care products.

The staple food includes dry food and wet food.

Snacks are divided into jerky, chewing gum, biscuits.

Health products are mainly vitamins, protein powder and so on.

Pet Food Packages

If the packaging of pet food and snacks catches people's eyes, it will attract people to take it home.
The main package forms are bag, sachet, stick and can.

We can provide various packaging machines to meet the above packaging forms.
This article mainly introduces the pre-made bag packaging machine for pet food. If you have other packaging needs, please contact us directly.

Pre-made Bag Packing Machine for Pet Food

We have three main types of pre-made bag packing machines: linear type(Model116), horizontal type(Model146) and rotary type(Model109). Each type has its own advantages, features, and applicable bag types.

Flat bag
Stand-up bag
Quad sealed            bag
Gusset bag
Spout bag
Model 116
Model 146
Model 109

Compared to flat pouches, stand-up pouches/flat-bottom quad-sealed pouches can stand on the shelf for display are preferred by most pet food manufacturers.

Best packing machine for Nitrogen flushing

Nitrogen flushing keeps the products fresh.

With typical design, the bag opening, filling, sealing process finished by the same working station, which could achieve the lowest oxygen value in the bag, to better ensure the freshness of products and prolong the shelf life.

116-300 4-head linear weigher smaller
  • Speed: 5~10 bags/min
  • Bag compatibility: Great compatibility of bag formats, 10 mins bag changeover
  • Features:
    1. Small footprint;
    2. Affordable price for business-starting
    3. Flexible for vacuuming and Nitrogen flushing

Best Packing machine for Multiple Materials Mixed Pet Food

Its working stations are up to 9 stations, which enables a complex and flexible packing process, to achieve the multiple materials fillings.

146 granule packing machinie small
  • Speed: 40~90 bags/min
  • Bag Compatibility: Good compatibility of bag formats
  • Features:
    1. Twice fillings for faster filling speed or multiple product filling;
    2. Twice sealings for tight sealing, Hot sealing & cold sealing.

Best Packing Machine for Heavy Product Packing

Mechanical drive, heavy-duty design, stable operation.

109 multi-head weigher configuration smaller
  • Speed: 20~40 bags/min
  • Bag compatibility: Great compatibility of bag sizes, 5 mins bag size changeover
  • Features:
    1. Mechanically driven bag clamps, stable heavy bag packing;
    2. Centralized self-lubricating system

Customized for your real project. Our engineers will give you the optimal solution within your budget.
You could enjoy 1-year warranty and lifelong & guaranteed after-sales service.

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